Microsoft solutions can be cumbersome

Let us reduce the difficulty

Windows, like Linux, has its own complexities. In your Windows solution, there are many different options, Do you want to centrally control logins and resources using a domain? Do you want to just serve files? Do you want your own email server based on Exchange? Do you want to control your website with Windows IIS? These questions and a lot more are what help us customize your solution just for you. From a basic setup, to something with high complexity, call us at 678-914-6246 and let us create the solution right for you.

Windows Server

We deploy all editions of windows server and can help you wade through the convoluted licensing that is Microsoft Licensing to keep you compliant and up to date.

Exchange Server

Exchange Server is Microsoft's email server system, it takes a lot of work to implement, but is well worth it. It integrates with Active Directory to provide your users with their own email account.

Microsoft SQL Server

This is Microsoft's Database server that is the engine that runs websites and database driven software. This product is very robust and has a lot of capabilities.

Remote Desktop

There are many reasons to use remote desktop, one of the main ones is so that users can access their desktops remotely, There are other uses as well that are specific to various scenarios. We will let you know if this is right for you.

Backups and Restorations

When things go wrong, sometimes a good backup is all you need. We can implement backup routines on all of your Windows Servers and restore the backups if ever necessary to get you back up and running quickly.


Windows virtualization platform, you can run other windows systems on top of one Hyper-V server to allow you to save time and money on power, rack-and-stack, and in other places. We will help you determine if this is the best virtualization platform for you.


Just like a car, your solutions need to be maintained. We troubleshoot issues and fix them to get you back up and running. Furthermore, we perform routine maintenance to try to stop issues from happening before they do.