With the complexity of networks today

leave it to the professionals

At the core of all of your Servers, Computers, Phones, printers and overall business lies the one glue that holds it all together, your network. Networks range from simple to very complex contingent on the need of your business. There are so many different products out there that perform a plethora of various functions. We at Atlanta Technical Solutions realize that an efficient, proper network setup is a integral to properly run your business. Don't trust this important marvel of technology to just anyone, leave it to the professionals. call us at 678-914-6246 for a free consultation.


With the amount of network security breaches today, a proper network security platform is a must, whether it be firewalls or DDoS mitigation systems, we have you covered. Call us and we will come up with the right solution to secure your business from hacks and attacks.


Would you rather have a network that performs fast and efficient, or slow and flakey? We at Atlanta Technical Solutions know that you would prefer fast and efficient. When we architect a network, we use the right equipment for the job. We can architect the network that works best for you.

Structured Cabling

Cabling is of coarse needed to tie everything together. We do cable drops and terminations of all lengths and types. We use top quality cabling to provide the high-bandwidth backbone that you need.


If you need blazing fast wireless for your laptops or your phone, we have you covered. We deploy everything from standard wireless routers to entire wifi systems that consist of many access points with a wireless access point controller managing all access points.


do you have multiple sites? if so, we can deploy VPN tunnels between sites to make all of your sites talk to each other as if they were all the same network. You can have all of your servers at one site, and access them from the other ones.

Point-to-Point wireless radios

whether you want to broadcast your network to the building next door or broadcast it to a building miles away, We can install point-to-point wireless solutions that securely extend your network to other buildings, With this solution, you are on the same network in the other buildings.

Internet Connection

We are partnered with many internet connection companies that provide robust fiber connections right into your property. We can match you with the best deal available for your bandwidth requirements.