stay up and running

with our managed services

Managed Services for your business

At Atlanta Technical Solutions, we believe that ongoing maintenance is just as important as your initial setup. whether your solutions include database servers, web servers, client pcs, networks, virtualizes servers, other technologies, or all of the above, we will perform regular maintenance on your solution and keep you running in tip-top shape. Call 678-914-6246 to find out more about our managed services.


Linux, Windows, and Mac need maintenance to stay up an running at peak efficiency, we perform regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your machines operating at peak efficiency.


Whether you need repairs to your current SQL based database or just need optimization, we can make sure it is in tip-top shape.


Maintenance is a must on all servers, whether you are running a web server or an Active Directory server, we maintain all of it.


A network is a complex communications grid setup for your computers and servers. An outage can be very costly. Don't trust your network to just anyone, call us and we will perform regular maintenance to help ensure that you don't go down.