IT Recycling

We pick up all of your decommissioned IT equipment

If you have decommisioned IT equipment

that you need to securely dispose of, look no further

Computer systems, racks, servers, routers, switches, printers, monitors, and more. If you have decommissioned IT equipment that you need to dispose of properly, give us a call at 678-914-6246.
We securely destroy data on hard drives using DoD erasing tools, and upon request, can shred the hard drives as well for a fee.
We do free pickup for data centers and offices that meet a minimum quantity of 75 pieces of equipment. Minimum quantities are listed below. If you do not have the minimum quantity we will still pick up the equipment for a nominal fee. Call us now to schedule your pickup and free up some space in your data center or office. NO QUANTITY IS TOO LARGE