Get your computer / Server repaired

By the professionals at Atlanta Technical Solutions

Repair, depending on the type needed can have a lot of details that must be accounted for to be done correctly. Atlanta Technical Solutions has 10 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing all types of systems. No matter what the issue, give us a call, we will make sure you are back up and running as soon as possible. Call us at 678-914-6246

Computer Repair

if your computer is running slow, or not at all, give us a call, we'll fix it

Server Repair

Servers can be complex to repair, leave it to the professionals at Atlanta Technical Solutions. Our highly trained and experienced staff will get you up and running again.

Network Repair/Troubleshooting

Slow internet? slow network? give us a call and we will fix any network issues


is your point of sale being a POS, not all are created equal, you may just have problems, you may have the wrong solution for your business, call us for a free consultation.

Camera System Repair

Are you dealing with cameras going out? not recording when you need them? call us and we will get your camera system up and running in no time.

Windows Repair

Whether a virus, Active Directory problems, Exchange Problems, or anything else, our highly qualified techs will take good care of you.

Linux Repair

Linux is a great operating system, but you need to know how it works to properly repair it, trust Atlanta Technical Solutions to get the job done.

Phone System Repair

do you have an old outdated phone system? does your pbx or IP phone system not work as you want it. Call us and we can make recommendations on repair or replacement to fit your needs.